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We are all Family

Our kids are so, so precious. As busy parents, how can we support them to learn, play, grow and be the cheeky munchkins they’re meant to be.

BlueBird is a private family-owned childcare provider with a difference. We’re here to make lives easier for families across WA’s South West region with an award-winning all-in-one service, delivered with heart and soul.

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WIN 6 months of Fully Paid childcare at BlueBird?

Would you like to WIN 6 months of Fully Paid childcare at BlueBird? It’s super easy to enter. Just answer the following survey to go into the running! The winner will be drawn on 15th August 2022.

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Once Upon a Time...

BlueBird childcare started in 2001 as a dedicated before and after school service based in a cute little blue house on Clydebank Avenue in Busselton.

BlueBird has come a long way since then to become one of the longest running, largest and most forward thinking childcare operators in the region.

We now have five childcare centres in the South West, including our busiest service based in a gorgeous heritage listed building centre in the heart of Busselton and our two newest childcare Margaret River centres.

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Childcare You Can Trust

As busy working parents, we know that the thing you need most is support, flexibility – and more time.

BlueBird childcare is run by a caring team with oodles of passion for teaching and a love of children. With a range of on-site services for kids of all ages, we’re here to let you know that your child will be safe, secure and happy with us.

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Why Parents Love Us

Just like our feathered friend, the BlueBird, our centres are part of the same flock with a natural, homely feel and a focus on helping kids connect with nature.

Education is wrapped in play-based activities, with plenty of natural things to inspire the imagination. Thanks to our in-house chefs, BlueBird kids are guaranteed a rotating menu of home made yummy and super healthy meals (including produce picked from our own gardens!). We consistently exceed ACECQA National Quality Standards.

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What Drives Us

BlueBird childcare has a vision to make a difference to families’ lives.

One of the ways we achieve this is through our transport service. Our BlueBird childcare buses transport 3000 children a month, to our centres and other important places they need to go.

We’re committed to helping the most vulnerable children in our community so that everyone can thrive.

Hey, Wanna Hear Something Special

We’re thrilled to have worked with thousands and thousands of families. We wanted to share some of the reasons why big kids – and little kids – think we’re awesome…and keep coming back!

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Amazing childcare and great services. I've seen so many changes in my daughter’s behaviour and talking, but most importantly, her confidence, all in great ways. Thank you so much to all the staff at BlueBird. Very happy I chose you!
Home1 Emma
Emma Rice
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We’ve just moved back to Busselton after a few years away. My daughter attended the BlueBird centre as a 1.5-year-old and now back as a 4-year-old. I was amazed at how many of the staff remembered her and welcomed her back in with open arms.

Now I’ve also added my 20-months-old son into the centre. We’re so happy for the kids to be back in the care of the amazing team at BlueBird.
Home3 Amy
Amy Little
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This is an amazing day care and one of the best in the area. Ms Chantell and the team are very professional and make all the children happy. They are very attentive and always find a way to help their students learn and have fun.
Home2 Benjamin
Benjamin Fabian


Childcare Perfect For Working Parents

At BlueBird, we offer the best childcare in and around the Busselton & Margaret River area! Our premium MR & Busselton child care centres are the perfect solution for working parents who want to make sure their kids are safe, nurtured and entertained while they are away. We are confident your children will love staying at BlueBird because we are the only Margaret River & Busselton child care centre providing a full service, tailored programs and undivided personal attention. Our mission is to provide a next-level service and make every child happy while learning, playing and growing in our vibrant, fun and friendly environment. Do you want to learn more about our childcare in Busselton? We can arrange a tour for you! 

Family Caring For Family

Our Busselton child care centre is different because we make extra effort to keep children safe, healthy and happy. We pride ourselves on our philosophy ‘family caring for family’ while making sure every child has undivided attention and is feeling loved. As we are striving to offer more than other child care centres in Busselton, we go the extra mile to ensure your kids are enjoying life while they are with us at BlueBird. Each of our centres for childcare are designed to be extra warm, cosy and vibrant because we want to offer a retreat that is just like a home away from home. Get in touch with us today to discover the best child care in Busselton!

We Have Convenient Bluebird Childcare Locations

Are you looking for a superbly positioned Busselton child care centre? BlueBird offers the best child care in Busselton and Margaret River with impeccably designed and equipped facilities strategically scattered across the region. We want to be on your doorstep, which is why we carefully selected our Busselton child care addresses and include pick-up and drop-off in our range of services. You can easily find one of our Busselton childcare centres conveniently close to your home or school, but even if you don’t have time to drive your children to us, we can arrange safe and comfortable transport. 

Your First Choice For Child Care In Busselton & Margaret River

Offering safe, secure and convenient Busselton child care service, BlueBird is your ultimate solution whenever you need help with your busy schedule. We take the stress out of hectic mornings and afternoons while providing a superb day care and vacation care centre with a range of activities as well as pick-up and drop-off along with other services. In addition to ensuring safety and superb care, we also strive to offer a little more than your usual Busselton child care centre. Our dedicated staff strive to provide a pleasant environment for your kids and plenty of excitement that will make them want to come back to one of our child care centres in Busselton and Margaret River!

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