What inspires us most

Welcome to the BlueBird Family

In the 20 or so years we’ve been in the industry, we’ve seen many changes. The biggest one by far is that we’re all a lot busier, often with both parents working. Without traditional family support structures in place, BlueBird childcare exists to make a difference to people’s life – your life.
We're here to make your life breezier

Convenient. Easy. Flexible.

BlueBird childcare is no ordinary centre. We bend over backwards (just like our little ones) to give you the support you need to make your life easier and more joyful! We’re not only child focused, but family focused.
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Super Flexible Care

We’ve designed our services to be flexible for greatest ease and peace of mind.

  • FIFO and shift worker friendly
  • Casual care, half day care or hourly care when you need it
  • Out of towners care welcome

Playday Pass

When it comes childcare, we understand how important it is to find a service that your little one will absolutely love. Which is why we offer a “try-before-you-buy” approach.

  • 1-day trial for all BlueBird families. Your child can join whatever incursion or specialty program we’re running on a particular day
  • All fresh meals are included
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Pick Ups and Drop Offs

We have a pick up and drop off service, which means we can pick up your little ones from home in the morning, take them to any extracurricular activities and then drop them back at home again in the afternoon.

  • BlueBird Buses operate from all of our centres
  • Same day booking
We're here to help your little ones thrive

Growth. Support. Confidence.

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A Team You Will Love

Our educators are handpicked for their dedication to teaching, and their natural ability to connect with children. Many of them have been part of BlueBird childcare for many years!

  • Highly experienced
  • Motivated to keep learning and growing
  • Dedicated to a natural and innovative teaching philosophy
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Healthy and Delicious Meals

We have dedicated in-house chefs at every centre to provide fresh, healthy meals onsite daily.

  • We cater for all dietary requirements, including allergies
  • All meals and snacks are included in our fees
  • Our menus are designed around dietary guidelines and will give your child with more than half of their required nutritional intake! 
  • We grow what we eat. All food is fresh and we hand pick produce from our own gardens for meals
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Nature Based Learning

BlueBird childcare has a nature-based approach to learning. There is a huge move towards nature play as a way for kids to connect with nature and cherish it from a young age.

  • Focus on natural materials (such as sticks, logs, rocks, nuts, flowers, etc) for imagination based and educational play 
  • Our children are encouraged to play outdoors as much as possible
  • The natural environment is used to inspire learning and growth
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Memorable Experiences

Life at BlueBird childcare is full of exciting goosebump moments! We offer an amazing and fun calendar of events so our kids can have memorable experiences.

  • Each centre offers its own special activities that range from yoga and meditation day, world ocean day and emergency services appreciation day
  • Exciting excursions all year round for Day Care and Vacation Care
  • Activities are included within the fees
Last But Not Least...

Our Biggest Why of All

BlueBird childcare’s founding vision always has – and always will be – about giving back and helping others. One of the community support services we’re most proud of is our transport service.
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We believe that every child has the right to feel safe, supported and inspired to do their best in a loving environment. Our BlueBird buses transport about 3000 children a month. Many of these children are in vulnerable situations.

Working with a variety support services, we are able to pick kids up from their homes…take them to school…our centres… various appointments…extra-curricular activities…home drop offs.

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Our transport service collects children from as far as Dalyellup, Capel, Dunsborough, Cowaramup and Donnybrook and Augusta. Whatever families need help with, we make it happen.