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Childcare Amidst COVID-19

UPDATE: Bluebird Childcare & COVID-19

I am sure by now your inbox is overflowing with communication, but I am assuring you that we understand the need for me to communicate with you so frequently, at a time of such rapid change. 

We understand that the extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have been disruptive and potentially stressful for many in our community.  I am particularly grateful for all of the staff at Bluebird who have worked collaboratively and calmly to respond to the various challenges and opportunities that have arisen, always with the families’ and our community’s safety and welfare front of mind.  Our team have and will continue to consider solutions to every possible scenario to support the continuity of care for all Bluebird families.

Supporting our Families

Bluebird remains fully operational for all care, transport and learning activities. We are being informed by the relevant government agencies on a daily basis and updating our procedures to maintain the highest level of care available to your family. However, we are mindful that some families will be affected due to many reasons. I thank those who have contacted our office to discuss those reasons. We are here to provide the best solution based on your families’ circumstances. We are aware of extra government funding available to families to help financially to support you to continue coming to Bluebird. 

Updated Hygiene Practices

Information is below on the updated hygiene practices we have adopted in order to provide a healthy learning environment for everyone.

  1. Temperatures will be taken of children and staff on arrival. Any children or staff member that presents with a high temperature above 38’c will be asked to stay home until a doctors clearance is provided.
  2. As always, hand sanitiser is available and to be used on arrival and departure, however we now have additional hand sanitising stations set up throughout the centre.
  3.  We are continuing to revisit our safe coughing and children procedures with the children
  4.  Posters containing information on Covid-19 are available throughout the centre explaining the necessary procedures to stay safe
  5. Kiosks and phones will be wiped over with disinfectant after each use. 

Water Bottles

Please ensure your child brings a named water bottle to Bluebird each day as this will reduce children sharing cups. We ask these are also to be taken home every day please as we will not be washing water bottles or providing spares to children during this time. 

Physical Distancing

 We have reviewed our morning tea and lunch procedures and have made the decision to stagger eating times as it increases the amount of space available for our children. Students are eating lunch in smaller size groups rather than one large group due to size and space in our lunch rooms, this will provide children with the space for physical distancing.

Sleep times and Mat Sessions will be of a similar format to provide children with the space to distance themselves from others during these times. This will also be the case for high chair arrangements. 
All staff are practicing physical distancing when out of the workplace and within the workplace when appropriate. 

School Aged Children

Yes we are able to provide school aged children with care at our Before and After School Care facility that is now open from 6am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday. We currently have parents opting to send their children to us rather than school. CCS is available if your child is not provided with an online learning format from their school.

Please contact Danni on 0439 473 883 or email [email protected] if you would prefer your children to utilise Bluebird instead of school and we can support you with that request. 

Vacation Care

Yes we are able to continue to provide our Vacation Care Program between 6am to 6.30pm. We are happy to provide a range of options to best suit your families choice of care, whether that be to join in on the excursions or remain at our Before and After School Care Service on Albert Street. 

We are aware that other vacation care programs are no longer available in the community, we ask that you share with your family and friends that Bluebird can support them too ! 

Please contact Danni on 0439 473 883 or email [email protected] if you would like to book in for Vacation Care or have any questions or would like some more information. 

Pick Ups and Drop Offs

For those parents who regularly drop-off or collect their children from Bluebird, we request that you please use the hand sanitiser at each entrance when entering and leaving Bluebird.

We also ask parents to sign our disclosure form upon entry into the centres. Staff are also required to sign this on a daily basis to ensure they are free of flu-like symptoms, have not travelled overseas or interstate or been in close contact with someone who has. Your cooperation in this matter would be highly appreciated.

Bluebird Bus Service

Our Bus Service is fully operational and can assist your family with pick ups and drop offs. Please let us know if we can assist you with this.

We heightened our health and safety procedures within our bus service. 

These include:

  1. Children and staff sanitising their hands upon entering and leaving the bus
  2. Where possible, children will not be placed in a seat next to another child
  3. Bus seats will be sprayed with a disinfected spray after children vacate the bus
  4. Steering wheels, door handles and ipads will be wiped over with anti-bacterial swabs after every use 

Thank you to all the members of our Bluebird family for your continued support as we work together to ensure high quality learning environments for our children. I also appreciate your continued support of our business. We will work hard to maintain the support to our team, community and families each and every day.